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Los 5 mejores clubs de playa de Marbella

Emiliano García diciembre 21, 2022

Clubs de playa en Marbella: TOP 5

Vacations or those sweet seasonal breaks are synonyms of ?going to the beach? and you must wonder ?where should I go?? Well let?s make things easy, you can go to the beach in Spain! You will find the most amazing beach clubs in Marbella, with the best attention, the best services and for sure the best experience for you to have around there.

Clubs de Playa en Marbella are something unique something different, they are an experience that you will never forget. You don?t have to choose between going to a club or to a beach, when you can have both at the same time. And not only that you can also have a restaurant, so leaving the place it?s not something necessary. You can have from a crazy and fun experience to a relaxed and personal affair.

¿Qué es lo que diferencia a los beach clubs de Marbella de los demás? Fácil, increíbles vistas al mar Mediterráneo, salones VIP, las piscinas más perfectas, restaurantes al aire libre, diseños modernos. Menús exclusivos para los visitantes, SPA, actuaciones en directo, y encima las famosas fiestas que nadie se quiere perder.

Sin más dilaciones aquí está nuestro TOP CINCO CLUBES DE PLAYA EN MARBELLA

Ocean Beach Club Marbella

Avda. Lola Flores, s/n, 29660 Marbella, Malaga

The first one to introduce it is Ocean Beach Club. This club is located next to The Puerto Banus. This Beach club is know for being one of the best not only in Spain but Europe, also it?s know for it?s size, it stands out as one of the largest clubs. In this club you can find the best Nightlife in Marbella, along with the best service a salt-water pool. A bar with their own cocktails and the best menu with the best products. When you think about style and modern luxury immediately Ocean Beach Club is going to pop in your mind as soon as you visit them.

Aquí podrás contar con el mejor servicio por parte de profesionales en cada área, Ocean Beach Club se destaca de otros clubes de playa. Por sus fiestas en la piscina y con champán, además siempre puedes tener la oportunidad de encontrar a algún famoso por aquí.

Their two biggest events it?s during the end of April-beginning of May. So don?t miss the chance to be part of it, their white and silver party. The other big event it?s done by the end of September, as a closing they do the black and gold party. These two are just magnificent parties that you must enjoy at least once in your life but one thing it?s for sure, one time will never be enough.

Las fechas de las fiestas son:
Fiesta de apertura: La fiesta blanquiazul es el 1 de mayo de 2021.
Fiesta de clausura: La fiesta negra y dorada es el 26 de septiembre de 2021.

Nikki Beach Marbella

Carretera de Cádiz, Km. 192, 29600 Marbella, Málaga

Nikki Beach is the beach club in Marbella that gave a point to start to other clubs, a pioneer in the subject we could say. It?s the one setting the standards for the others beach clubs on trends. And what they put a bar which others should try to get up to that or above. In their restaurant you will find a menu with delicious local Spanish food. But their specialty is without doubt the sea food, and is necessary to say that is consider the best one in Marbella. They also include sushi in their menu along with other exquisite proteins such as chicken, lamb and pork, the best from the sea and the best from the ground.

Ahora centrándonos en lo que hace que los clubes de playa, tan importantes y únicos como son, sean fiestas. Las fiestas son algo que un club de playa debe tener, y el de Marbella ciertamente las tiene. En el caso de Nikki Beach Club tienen fama de dar las fiestas más fabulosas.

Their entertainment is something beyond the ordinary, maybe just the Cirque du Soleil could be anywhere near them. And their entertainment, they also add some world-class DJ?s. Extravagance is the only way to describe Nikki Beach Club and their parties. As mentioned parties are important so what you should never miss is the chance to go to one of the many parties they do. As the Sundays parties, the full moon parties, white parties, among other events they might present,
Ahora, debes saber qué otros servicios ofrecen además de los mejores mariscos y un exquisito menú, y las increíbles y extravagantes fiestas. También disponen de camas junto a la piscina, fácil acceso a la playa. Comedor techado así como una maravillosa barra bien surtida y con los mejores a cargo.

Fecha de la fiesta de apertura: 23 de abril de 2021.
Closing Party date: The closing season Red 80?s party October 4th, 2021.

La Sala Marbella

Av Jose Banus, 29660 Marbella, Malaga

También podemos encontrar el club de playa La Sala by the Sea, este club destaca por su ambiente relajado. No todos los clubes tienen que ser salvajes con las mejores fiestas, eso no es todo. Este club de playa está dirigido a personas que realmente quieren desconectar su vida de la rutina. Para distraerse del estrés del día a día y simplemente disfrutar de la playa y divertirse.

La Sala by The Sea Beach Club is inspired in Thailand; you can find it on the beach in Puerto Banus. You might wonder what services La Sala by The Sea offers; they have three tropical bars, a Thai restaurant, pool, hot tub and SPA. All of this added with the beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea. You can choose between chilling under the sun next to the pool with live music by excellent DJ?s with the perfect company of a cocktail.

Disfruta de un chapuzón en la hermosa piscina redonda, toma el más delicioso almuerzo tailandés o acude al SPA para liberar toda la negatividad, concéntrate en ti y déjalo todo con un masaje.
Even though it?s relaxed theme La Sala by The Sea is not excluded from giving events, the event. That they are known for are hosted weekly, lucky you you can join to them any moment of the week. They present Fruitilicious Thursdays and the Sun kissed Sundays. As mention before they present a variety of parties they include annual parties like the White and Gold Party and the Kiss FM Pool Party.

Una ventaja que podemos encontrar aquí en este club en particular es que también ofrecen un servicio VIP. En este tiene acceso a una piscina de roca privada, también camas de cabaña grandes y cómodas con la vista más atractiva del mar Mediterráneo.


Carretera del Mediterráneo, 2, 29603 Marbella, Málaga

Eres joven y solo quieres divertirte con amigos, olvídate de todo en casa. Quieres tener una aventura de verano en España, entonces este es tu club de playa.

Opening its doors in March you can live up to the great Funky Buddha experience until the month of September. Two words that describe perfectly how it?s being in Funky Buddha Club are lively and young. Being this club a landmark for young people to enjoy their summer in Marbella.
A beach club that attracts the youthful spirits out there, they love to go there and show their style. Creating a kind of fashion show, with designer outfits, it?s the moment show your style and how high fashion, it is, certainly you must remember. That the swimsuits the summer stylish outfits are made for the day, because as soon as the twilight arrives to the Mediterranean Sea, and the night begins, the club has another vibe.

During the night Funky Buddha Club turns from a daytime beach club to night club with the wild. Ultimate party scenes presented along with the music of international DJ?s showing outfits made of sequins, sparkles and metallic. To have a contrast with the day time and joining the night mood.

Puro Beach Marbella

Km 159, Carretera del Mediterráneo, 29680 Estepona, Málaga.

Por último, pero no menos importante, en nuestro top encontramos Puro Beach Club, ubicado en la playa de El Padrón, muy cerca de Estepona. For it?s convenient location you can not only enjoy on the beach club. But also the fantastic views of Gibraltar and the mountains of Morocco. While you are lay on a hammock relaxed with the breeze of the sea.

Between the services that they offer we can find Pool along with hammocks, yoga zone, SPA, restaurant with a delicious menu. Including Japanese food, bar with a wide variety of drinks to offer, live music with particular DJs and exotic theme parties. Puro Beach has a singularity; it?s open all the year, at least during the day. They also open all night long from June to September. So you can enjoy the magnificent service they offer during all the year.

When it comes to entertainment Puro Beach has live DJs performing their music. And sometimes they spice things up a little bit with some Flamenco nights. You can also enjoy the best service by being on the pool zone just relaxed having a drink. Or some fresh dishes brought to you. Or you can just go and relax even more if you need it. Puro Beach Club offers not only the best attention and Service. But also it gives you and experience, being in Puro Beach Club is no just going to the beach. It?s reconnecting with the best part of you..

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