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I’m the lead photographer on all of our weddings. I create honest, timeless imagery. I capture organic natural moments and finely curate details and poses if needed. I truly hope that in decades to come that every couple can look back on their photos and relive their wedding day and every emotion that is captured.

I love people, joy and emotion; I always have and I love searching for it. I’m passionate about my craft and those that I meet. I truly care about our couples and my mission is to tell your story; capturing organic and emotive moments without intruding on your day.

I was raised in London and introduced to the art world at a young age, continually immersed in different cultures, cuisines and ways of life.

I live in Southern Spain. I’ve always loved mediterranean culture and I’m very grateful to share this wonderful part of the world with my wife and young daughter. Fortunately my job (and a fantastic nearby airport) allows me to travel between many parts of the world, allowing me to keep my eyes open to fresh new experiences. Before living to Spain I had photographed in excess of 100 British Weddings but in 2017 we truly turned international with 20+ border crossings a year for weddings and some truly beautiful locations on the horizon across the coming years.

I love; to travel, sit in coffee houses, morning beach walks, socialising over food, being by the sea, exploring cities, trying & learning new things, playing guitar, nature, improving my language skills and of course, I adore spending my life with my wonderful girls.


*Please note that all photos are Sam´s work and not ours!




I am a romantic and dreamy as a good pisces.

I like love stories, love movies and love books !!

I like to travel and I love animals!

I think the most important part of my work

is what I do with a lot of love, natural, telling

your story from beginning to end in my own way!

Married and a greyhound’s mother named Kabu!

Degree in Advertising and Public Relations,

thanks to advertising I discovered what I really liked:

photography, and that is what I have been dedicated since 2010,

I love fashion photography, portrait, babies, families …

and for 4 years I love weddings even more

Please note all images are Barbara´s work, not ours, you can check her instagram for more beautiful pictures.


Full Process

Fall in love with the process and the results will come. quote

Yokoi Kenji.

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