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Everything you need to know to get married in Spain

Emiliano García December 21, 2022

Everything you need for your wedding in Spain

A wedding is one of the most important moments in a couple’s life; this is the point where they start a life officially together and it is an event where both sides of the family comes and have a great time all along and enjoy with their loved ones. Wedding In Spain is more than just the union of two people; it is joining two families, two souls into one new family. This is a very memorable occasion where the enjoyment and romance are important for everyone involving.

The importance of this event makes clear that you might have some doubts about your wedding you might wonder which place is the best, what are the choices for food and entertainment, the decoration, as well as the budget and the process of getting marrying. Here we will help with the most common questions that a couple about to get married might have and in addition to that we will give you the best option you’re your wedding. Because nowadays marry abroad is a great choice to make your day extra special, and the most exciting place to have a wedding is Spain.

Having a wedding in Spain comes along with so many positive aspects that make Spain so irresistible, so when it comes to having your own unforgettable wedding nothing is better that do it in a beautiful paradise. There are plenty of venues that goes perfect with any couple, theme and personality, with the appropriate team to plan your wedding you can be sure that you will have everything you wish for and more. Now we will give you the answers that can help you to clear you mind and help you with the big decision of having your wedding in Spain.

Why is Spain such a popular destination to get married?

Spain can be an extremely attractive destination for couples who live in places with very cool or rainy weather, such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Russia and so on. This is due to the weather, couples from these places usually wants to enjoy a wedding in a warm place, maybe even outside without worry about the rain or a snow storm. This is a very good reason to usually choose Spain as a destination to have your wedding.

Have the opportunity of have a wedding with a gorgeous weather, it must match with amazing food. And in Spain the options for food are extremely attractive you can be sure that if you are going to have a chef from Spain in your wedding the quality will be amazing. There is no way someone can be unhappy while having Spanish food. The variety of dishes Spain offers to you is pretty extending and there won’t be anyone left out. The experience with the Spanish cuisine is something that every guest will thank.

Another reason that makes Spain so popular to have a wedding is the places you can visit. As you know have a wedding abroad means travel a few times and a few days before the wedding. And expend the day only in the hotel might not be attractive. In Spain you have the option to go and have fun in the beaches, parks, clubs, and restaurants. You can even go on an adventure and visit another city. The most requested places and usually where you will have a good time for sure are in Andalucia towns like Cordoba, Granada. You can even go to places like Marruecos.

The huge variety of venues is something that makes most couples decide for Spain to have their destination wedding. No matter the style the couple wants for the wedding they will have what they decide. They can choose all the way from a beach wedding to a wedding in a castle, going from the most cozy and romantic villages to the most luxurious hotels to impress anyone. There are venues that will make you fall so badly that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

What is need to get married in Spain?

You set up everything and now you are sure that you want a wedding in Spain. But you don’t know what you need to get married in Spain, don’t worry we have that cover for you. We will tell you what you do you need to be able to get married in Spain. What are the most important documentation or requirement to have your wedding in Spain as well as which other options you might have in case. You can’t fulfill the requirements but you still want to have your wedding celebration in Spain.

The first question is usually if the couple can have the marriage legal in Spain. Usually there is one way to make it legal and is trough the Catholic religion. Having a wedding under the Catholic religion is the way anyone abroad can have their legal wedding in Spain without going through other paper work. Of course this applies if one or both in the couple are Catholic if not then they can not get married by the Catholic church and make it legal this way.

The second option to legally get married in Spain is that the couple or at least one of them is resident in Spain and has lived there for at least 2 years in this case they have to show documentation to prove it as well as shown the ownership of a residence in Spain. In this case as the bureaucracy usually is quite tedious, the best thing is do it before hand and this way everything after that comes easily. You can ask your wedding planner where and how to do all that paperwork done. This way it will be easier because you have the help of someone dedicated to that.

Because all the errands that the couple has to do to have their civil ceremony in Spain most couples from abroad who can’t get married in Spain religiously. Decide for other choice, have a symbolic wedding, with every single detail as if is the legal one. Of course they get married in their country legally and might do a small reunion. But then they prepare everything to have a real wedding ceremony, even if it is symbolic, and celebration. Because there is no way that they can’t have the wedding of their dreams in a magical place.

What are the steps to have a wedding in Spain?

In every wedding no matter the place or what you want there are certain steps to achieve to be able to get marrying there. Right now we will be taking you through the steps to have a wedding in Spain. And this way you will know what to expect. Obviously you have to take in consideration the fact that each wedding and couple will have a unique experience. But this is something general, and with the proper wedding planners will be an excellent experience. Without further or do here we will talk about the steps to have a wedding in Spain.

The first and most important step when you are going to have a wedding abroad is travel to the place. It might seem like something obvious but some couples might forget that they need to go there and experience everything in person. Not through a video call or just videos and pictures but to see what is right for them.

The second step they need to do is visit the venues once they are in Spain. Of course there is no possible that they will visit all the possible venues in just one day. That is why the best thing would be travel for a few days. And then that way every visit to the venues would be pleasant, and a very fun and incredible experience. Per day the couple should visit from 3 to 4 venues, taking in consideration the distance. You might wonder why only those few venues and no more per day. And it is because if you visit more than 4 then it would be exhausting for the couple and then they would loose track of what they want. Visiting from 3 to 4 venues it would be from 4 to 5 hours all the visits again taking distance in consideration.

How is the experience to check on the venues? 

The planning team picks up the couple in the hotel. Now they go all together to the venues, always giving explanations of the features of each venue and the possibilities. They give the couple the information according to the special needs that they might have, also the limits like noise. Their exclusivity contract with chef, catering, DJ, and photographer; as well as cash bar for example. 

Now after the couple has visited the venues and heard every feature of every place. The wedding planners give the couple a week maximum to make the decision. When the couple finally arrived to their country and after they talk with the people they need to. This way they can be sure of what they want. And then when the decision is made the sign the contract and do the first payment all that done via online.

The third step would be another travel to Spain, what is usually done? 

The try outs, the wedding planners set the meetings with the makeup artist and hair stylist. As well with the chef to set up the menu, also a meeting with the decorator and also to set the floral arrangements. Of course there are some services that don’t need to have a previous meeting in person. For example the photographer can be ok with just having a video call. Or even just make the arrangements through e-mail seeing the couple for the first time the day of the wedding. Every supplier is unique and you have to know the service you are getting hiring.

One tip, for the menu selection the best thing to do is do it as close to wedding as possible 3 or 4 months. Prior the wedding would be just perfect, with 6 moths would be the limit to have that chance to set the menu. Something before that is not ideal and not recommending, it is very important that the food can’t be selecting with more than 6 moths. Before because so many things can change, and you can even forget the taste of the menu. This is why the chefs and caterings don’t allow selection of the menu with so much time prior.

The fourth step would be the travel to Spain for the wedding. Where it is recommended to go 1 week to 5 days prior the wedding day. This is because if there is something to change or fix there is time enough to do it. In those days is where the final meeting with the suppliers is done to check everything is in order. The timing and payments are set up in this meeting, to have everything under control.

The fifth step would be leave everything to the wedding planners. The suppliers won’t get in touch with the couple directly but with the wedding planning team. This is one of the best reasons to have a wedding planner. You won’t stress out because the wedding planner will be in charge of everything. They will be in charge of calling everyone early in the morning to be sure everything will be running smoothly. And that the suppliers have everything checking. And you as the couple will only focus on enjoy you wedding in Spain with those you love. You will forget about anything that is happening behind the stage.

We are having our weddings in Spain in a religious ceremony, what are the documents we need?

In the case that the couple wants a legal and religious wedding in Spain there are a few steps to do as usual. We will tell you what are the most important, also remember this will take time. And dedication so have a wedding in Spain from one moment to another is not the best idea. You have to be sure that you will have at least 1 year prior the wedding day to set everything and then won’t have any problem.

The first thing is have the permission of the priest in your community of course. You have to remember that this is under the Catholic religion. The priest to give you the permission will ask for your birth certification. As well as the baptism, communion and confirmation certification. All those documents will be sending to the Spain embassy and from there to the Malaga priest.

Once the documentation has arrive then the wedding planners go with the priest in Marbella. And there they have a meeting to check that everything is perfect and ready to go. Usually all of this is done 3-4 month prior the wedding day. And they might set for the travel for the menu approval. Also set the meeting with the priest for him to get to know the couple. It is very important that the meeting with the priest is with the couple directly. And not with the wedding planner because it is something very personal for the couple to arrange order of the ceremony.

After the ceremony is doing one of the wedding planners have to stay in the church waiting for the wedding certificate in Spanish. So after they have it they go to the go to Marbella to check the registration. After that they make a copy and send it to the couple through mail. When the couple has already the certificate in their country they take it to the registration. As this is a very long process this is why it is recommended to do all the legal aspect in their countries. And then have the symbolic celebration in Spain.

How much is the cost of a wedding in Spain?

Of course this depends of every factor that you want to include. You won’t find two weddings that will be exactly the same, they can have the same budget but the result will always be different. Every wedding is a world of their own, which is way all relies in the amount of guests, the suppliers, the venue, and every detail. Even two very similar weddings can have different budgets it all depends on the couple and what they want to do.

Now if you want to have a wedding in Spain of 30-50 guests. Then the best thing would be 25.000 euros paying the basic services, as a minimum budget. With 100 guests then the budget would be of 60.000 euros approximately of course paying the basic services. You might be wondering what are the basic services, this usually includes flowers, decoration, food, the venue, photographer, wedding planner and entertainment. It might also include other basic things that the couple could need.

Of course another important aspect is that you must trust your wedding planner in Spain. They are the one who knows what you need and the prices of different suppliers. In this case they know which one adapts to your need and your budget. This is very important in this case usually the wedding planners will look what is the best for you. Your perfect match we could say.

What are the ideal venues to have a wedding in Spain?

The venues depend on every couple and what adapt best with them. And their personal taste and unique needs and requests, as well as the budget limits. It all depends if they want something bohemian, romantic, something more traditional or something more luxurious or even extravagant.

One of the most noticed issues that some foreign couple can have is. That there are some venues that have noise restriction. You might wonder what noise restriction is. It is what happen when in some wedding venues in Spain say that is not allowed to have music outside until 2am. This can be a problem with those weddings in the beach usually. In that situation there would be another venue outside of the city for example private villages in the mountains. Or cabins in the country side where there is no restriction and they can have the party until 5 am.

Of course if the couple doesn’t have any trouble with the noise restriction. Then they won’t have problem to have their wedding in one of those usual venues, and if they are romantics the best options are the castles, palace and the romantic hotels Spain can offer for your wedding. There is even one hotel that has the most romantic vibe. And you as a couple will feel like you are in a fairy tail. This will be for those romantic couples.

If your couple personality is more relaxed, boho and something more Ibiza like. And you want to go around bare feet, the best venue choice for you would be a beach weeding. Something with beach views something romantic. And relaxed that matches your personality without problem. Even if they want something more classic there are castles as well for them to have the sensation of being part of the royalty. As mentioned before the most important aspects to select a venue. That is proper for you is the budget and the amount of guests. This will make a huge influence on the venue choice. And then the personality will decide the proper one.

Hopefully this helped you tie the not with Spain. And have your wedding in one of the most beautiful and charming places in the world. Malaga will give you the most amazing places to get married. And an extremely unique experience not only you will love but will remember forever. Having the most amazing memories with you loved ones you will have an amazing weddings in Spain.

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