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Hello! We are the Wedding planner in Spain, Malaga that you were looking for. It would be our biggest pleasure to help you and make your dream wedding come true.
We would love to meet you! The job of our event planners in Marbella is to take your wedding to the next level.
Our passion is to create AMAZING events for each of our clients; also we want your planning experience to be fun, exciting and stress free. We will work on and on to create a beautiful and unforgettable experience that you and your guests will remain talking about for years to come.
Without anything else to add, here it is our team of wedding planner in Marbella.

Marbella Wedding Planner, Wedding planners Malaga, Organizadora de Boda,
Hi ! I'am ...
ILinca Radu

Her love for weddings started at a young age helping her mom organizing weddings, some
years before she got to live that dream and today she plans beautiful events for her clients.
She was born and raised in Romania; she settled in Spain for the past 17 years, she can
speak Romanian, English, Spanish, and a little bit of both French and Italian. She firmly
believes in the importance of showing people love and making them feel welcomed to
Marbella. Her experience in Advertising, Marketing & Event Planning will provide a
unique wedding and surprised you with little details.

Ilinca Radu, Wedding Planner, Organizadoras de bodas,
MY Team
Anastasiia Zhyrnova​

Anastasiia Zhyrnova​

Wedding Planners in Marbella

Anastasiia is the most versatile partner in the team, even though her studies were evoked to foreign trade. Her most romantic side introduced her to the world of weddings; she is extremely tidy with processes and numbers. But don't be confused, behind that technicality there is an incredibly creative person. She loves art history and her hobby is watercolor painting. Without a doubt she is the right person to organize an event of any magnitude.

Languages: Spanish, Ukrainian, German, Russian, English.

Agata Bykovskaja​

Agata Bykovskaja​

Wedding Planner in Malaga

After finishing Marketing and Advertising studies, Agata had the opportunity to gain her main experience in the industries of beauty and luxury fashion. Marketing unique products and services, she broadened her skills in various creative fields; unique designs solutions and events management. “All those little details matter” - is definitely Agata’s motto! She always pays the highest attention to quality and to the smallest things, guaranteeing the most beautiful ideas for your celebration. You can be sure that she will do all of her best to make your Wedding or any other Event unforgettable!
Languages: Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, English.

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Marbella Wedding Planner, Wedding planners Malaga, Organizadora de Boda,
Marbella Wedding Planner, Wedding planners Malaga, Organizadora de Boda, bodas en Malaga
Marbella Wedding Planner, Wedding planners Malaga, Organizadora de Boda,

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Our biggest honor is to help you making the wedding of your dreams, to come true. We hope you can trust us! Also our trajectory and consequent work has led us to be in uncountable media and reference portals in the weddings and event planners section in Marbella. We know that we do a great job in weddings and we will do our best to make your day better. Our job is to make our best as event planners in Marbella for you and your loved ones. UK Bridal Directory
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You probably have a lot of questions that you would like to ask to your wedding planner in Spain.

If you are thinking of hiring a wedding planner in Spain, you will have questions. That is the reason why we have created this section.

If you are thinking of hiring a wedding planner in Spain, you will have questions, questions and a lot of uncertainty. That is the reason we have done this section. Questions like; what should I expect from my wedding planner in Spain? Or is it the same to hire a wedding planner in Malaga as to hire one in Marbella? And many more are the ones that we always receive. Here we leave you the answers to your questions.


En Marbella Wedding, tenemos diferentes paquetes para adaptarnos al presupuesto y las necesidades de nuestras parejas. Si queréis información sobre todas nuestras opciones, solo tenéis que completar el formulario solicitando información sobre nuestras tarifas. ¡En seguida recibiréis un enlace con nuestra lista de precios en vuestro correo!
It may seem that all services are the same at the time of making your wedding in Spain, but actually the more specialized the wedding planners team you hire the better is the service received. But if your real concern is to hire wedding planners in Malaga or wedding planners in Marbella the answer is that the difference is almost none. To give you context, and if you don’t know yet, Marbella is a small region of Malaga. For that reason if you hire the wedding planners in Malaga they should know the area as much or better than the wedding planners in Marbella.

This is without doubt the most frequent question. First of all, let me tell that you get what you paid for and for the most special day of your life you should not repair into spending a little bit more for what you deserve.
And now, let’s get to the point. The prices of wedding planners in Spain change based on the services offered by each company. Another of the factors that the price differ is the region of Spain where you hire the service, for example, the price of wedding planners in Barcelona is not the same as the price of wedding planners in Malaga and so on, although it seems curious in Barcelona and other regions the life costs are higher than the life costs in the region of Malaga.
In Marbella wedding planners we have different packages to adapt to the budget of our clients.
If you fill out a form requesting our rates we will send you a link with our price list.

Of course, one of the main services we offer as wedding destinations is online consulting. We believe it is a practical and affordable service and believe me you will appreciate it once you got it. Our service offers 3 hours of consulting. The first hour of consulting we will research your case in depth after having asked you a series of questions. The second hour will be dedicated to call you, it can be on the phone, WhatsApp, Skype or some other similar service where you can ask us and communicate all your concerns. The third and last hour is the conclusion of our team after talking with you. You will receive an email with all our recommendations according to your specific case.

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.”