How to Choose A Wedding Photographer?

Soon enough, the big day arrives. One of the most special dates of your life. And you want every moment to be saved forever. That’s why you can’t play with your wedding photographer. How to Choose A Wedding Photographer? But … how do you choose the best one for you? Here are some recommendations so that your wedding photos are absolutely perfect.

The Style of The Photographer

How to Choose A Wedding Photographer?

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There are many different styles in wedding photography. This is why it is important that, first of all, you find a photographer whose style you like. Look carefully at the photographer’s website and think if you like that kind of photos.

Keep in mind that the photos you see on the photographer’s website will be similar to the ones you will have from your wedding. So, the main thing is that you make sure that the style of the photographer fits perfectly with you.

My recommendation is that you think a bit about what kind of photos you will still like in 5, 10 or 15 years. Because many styles are just fads (for example, vintage style is now in fashion, with desaturated tones and film photography look). But what is fashion for you, within a couple of years it will tire and will be totally out of date. Will you still like your photos then?

In my opinion, the best photographs are those with a modern visual style and the highest quality processing, respecting the original colors and with good definition. In fact, the best photographers in the world are of that style of photos, they do not take boho chic or vintage photos because they know that those fashions pass quickly.

Ask Them to Show You A Whole Wedding

How to Choose A Wedding Photographer?

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It’s easy to get a good photo of a wedding. And if you’ve done 20 weddings, you already have 20 good photos. But you don’t want just a photo of your wedding, do you? Ask them to show you all the photos of a single wedding. An album, for example. There you can see how that photographer is in general, not just for a good photo. You’ll be able to see if they can tell the story of a wedding in general, not just take an artistic photo without more.

The Quality of The Album

How to Choose A Wedding Photographer?

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Photo albums are of many types … and of many qualities. You can always make an album yourself, the Hoffman type or another of these that can be online. They are albums that are not bad, although I would use them for more day-to-day things.

Your wedding album should be of sufficient quality to last for many, many years. And not only is it a photo-quality item, it should also look special. That’s where professional albums come in. And curiously, not all photographers offer the best quality albums. Why? Very simple, many save on the album to earn a little more with the wedding. That is why it is important to always compare what each photographer offers you… in detail!

A 30x25cm album does not cost the same as a 40x30cm album, for example. Neither does it cost the same if you have 30 pages, with if it has 40, 50 or 60 pages. To give you an idea, producing a good professional album usually costs from 300 euros, so if someone offers photos, pre-wedding and album for less than 1000 euros and with VAT included, they are cutting somewhere, don’t you think? So now you know, whenever you can, ask them to show you the album they offer before deciding on your photographer.

The Human Factor

How to Choose A Wedding Photographer?

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The relationship you establish with the photographer will determine the final result. Talk to him as much as you can and that way you will feel more comfortable. How to Choose A Wedding Photographer? After all, she or he is the only person who will accompany you throughout your wedding day. From the moment you start getting ready in the morning until the crazy hours of the party, your photographer will be with you. In most cases, a good photographer can become a great friend. So, if you connect with him, everything will be much better.

Have A Pre-Wedding Meeting Where You Discuss the Key Photos

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Some brides and grooms attach great importance to the fact that absolutely all the guests appear in the wedding photos. Others prefer to focus on the key moments of the event, while others are looking for more couple photos. Perhaps what you want is that your parents appear in many photos. Ask your photographer if you can have a meeting in which you prepare the essential photos that you want to have in your album. This way you will save yourself from possible unpleasant surprises because the photo that you thought the photographer would take turns out that he did not take it.

Ultimately, try to create a good flow of communication. It will make everything easier. You also have to make sure that the chosen photographer is in tune with what you expect of him. Most photographers will send you a questionnaire asking a bit about the style you want, what kind of pictures and moments to be captured so this will simplify their work and will understand you better. If the meeting is not possible you can always ask for a zoom call where you can express your needs. I personally like to have a list of the photographs that my couples want and I like to check with the photographer if these photos have been taken, this way we double check so nothing is missed.

The Price Passes, The Photos Remain

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When you hire a photographer, make sure you look at what they include in their offer. The normal thing is that the prices that are offering are only for taking the photos. And then surely you will have to add the cost of the album (which will vary greatly depending on the number of pages you want it to have, if the covers are made of leather or other material, etc.).

You also have to expect a price change if you want to do a pre-wedding or post-wedding session. It’s the same if you are going to make a mini-album for the parents, if you want them to pass you all the photos of the wedding (the raw) or if you only want the final photos that go in the album. A thousand options are available and all valid. The important thing is that when you compare prices, take into account what they offer each other for the same price.

Normally you need to allocate for this supplier 10% from your overall budget, but trust me it will be worth it. Although my advice is that, above all, choose the photographer because you like his photos. In the end, the photos are the only thing that remains after the wedding (along with the rings) and they are in charge of making sure that you can relive each moment and get excited again like the day of the wedding. You will no longer remember the price after a few months. But the photos will be there forever.

Another important aspect is to choose someone local and let me explain why. If you decide to bring a photographer from the UK or Ireland bear in mind, they do not know the area (most probably), you need to pay for their flights and accommodation and the price can be super high. I always recommend suppliers from the area; they know all the venues they probably live close to the venues which is also important.

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