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How to Choose the Perfect Hairdresser for Your Wedding?

Emiliano García December 21, 2022

How to Choose the Perfect Hairdresser for Your Wedding?

Finding the perfect wedding look is not so easy, you must take into account the shape of your body and the style of the marriage to find the ideal wedding dress. How to Choose the Perfect Hairdresser for Your Wedding? Then you must evaluate what accessories are best as a compliment and, of course, you cannot forget about finding that fabulous makeup and wedding hairstyle that will make you look radiant and spectacular on the big day.

How to Choose the Perfect Hairdresser for Your Wedding?

Your wedding hairstyle is as important as your dress. Choosing the perfect hairdresser with these great tips will help you look ideal and beautiful! To help you in that search, there is nothing better than having an experienced professional who can guide you and make you look like you’ve always dreamed of. That is why at Marbella Wedding we give you seven basic tips to know how to choose the ideal bridal hairdresser. Complete your bridal outfit with a flourish!

  • Choose early
  • You must feel that special feeling
  • Must be professional
  • Have experience with brides
  • Know the trends
  • Do a hairstyle trial
  • Advice for the groom

Choose Early

How to Choose the Perfect Hairdresser for Your Wedding?

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My first advice is to choose who your stylists will be months before. It does not matter if you are not sure what your look will be, but it is important that you feel calm that the stylist understands you, knows your personality and knows what you are looking for.

So now you know, start searching in advance and ask your trusted people to go with you to visit the hairdressers or interview the professionals. They will probably also arrange themselves in the same place for your wedding and it is good to know their opinion.

You Must Feel That Special Feeling

How to Choose the Perfect Hairdresser for Your Wedding?

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We do not always listen to our intuition, but that first sensation when meeting someone is essential and we must be attentive. See if the professional knows how to listen and is empathetic with your wishes, ideas or fears, this is super important.

It is true that we must allow ourselves to be advised, but it is also important that they do not impose a hairstyle or style on you. It is best that they advise you with specific things such as your type of face, the shape of the dress or the type of hair you have.

Must Be Professional

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You need to work with those who seek to do their work in a professional way and strive to give their clients the dedication and attention they require. The time that is dedicated to a bride is essential, you have to analyze the style well, type of hair, hair texture, facial features and much more, in order to find the best alternative and get the best out of each bride.

In this way, it is important that she is a stylist good in that aspect. She should know about face morphology and be aware of the trends in hairstyles for brides at a national and international level. Another key to measuring your professionalism is that they must be punctual, since you have to avoid unnecessary loads of stress and everything must go as planned, so do not stop looking at this essential detail.

Have Experience with Brides

How to Choose the Perfect Hairdresser for Your Wedding?
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Not only should we look for someone with studies and experience as a hairdresser, but they should also be an expert in brides. In my opinion the most important thing is that the hairdresser has experience in bridal hairstyles. You can also ask for references or photos of the work they have done, or consult with people they know before making your final decision.

Therefore, before hiring the services of the professional, do not forget to check their social media, look at their portfolio and read the comments on their media. That is the only way you can trust your hairstyle without fear and let yourself be advised with peace of mind.

Know the Trends

How to Choose the Perfect Hairdresser for Your Wedding?

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Every year we see the birth of new and more spectacular trends in bridal hairstyles and you will surely want to know them before choosing your own bridal look. There are also new fashions in headdresses and accessories, and it would be ideal if I could advise you to achieve a chic but harmonious ensemble.

The bohemian style is currently setting the standard and the best example of this is the braids, especially those that are carried to the sides to end in an updo. The natural flower headdress is another of the alternatives most requested by brides, especially at open-air weddings, and we cannot forget the beautiful chains that are mixed with the hairstyle to give it a special shine.

Do A Hairstyle Trial

Just as you try on your dress and shoes before the wedding, another good way to know if you are in front of the correct professional is to do a hairstyle trial. Trust me there is nothing better and nothing to work with to get more doubts out of the way than the pre-wedding trial.

This time you will also be able to tell if the professional has taste and style. The idea is to see yourself as a bride but not to overload your look with many accessories or an exaggerated makeup and hairstyle. The hairdresser must know how to advise on the indicated accessories and find the perfect balance between all elements.

Advice for The Groom

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Last but not least, the groom also needs to look stunning. Don’t forget to cut your hair at least a week before. The cut should be something you are familiar with. You don’t want to be uncomfortable on the same day as your wedding because of how it turned out. I suggest you tell the stylist that you are getting married and that way they can advise you on how to style your hair on the big day. Do not change your hairdresser for a new one under any circumstances, you need someone who already knows you.

Also, if the groom has a pronounced beard or mustache, you can go to a specialized barber shop and give it a special touch for that big day, the groom can also surprise!

The world of beauty for brides has a lot to offer you and now you know the best tips to discover your perfect hairdresser. Choose a professional who knows the latest trends and of course, who has experience with bridal hairstyles. Looking fabulous and radiant on your big day depends on a great choice.

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