Most Wanted 10 Wedding Styles

Finding the right wedding style is no easy task. Most Wanted 10 Wedding Styles. So, if you’ve not decided on one yet, have no worries, you are not alone. Here’s a list of the top ten wedding styles that couples love. You will surely find one that appeals to you here

10 Wedding Styles, Which One Is Yours?

You could go with classic, modern, romantic, bohemian, vintage, urban or why not eco-friendly? … How would you define yourself as a couple? Surely there is a style that could define you. One with which you feel identifying in many aspects. Be it your way of dressing, decorating your home, or your tastes in general. Most Wanted 10 Wedding Styles. And in case you doubting it, there is also a wedding style with which you will feel identifying. If you don’t know which one, we are going to help you find out by describing the most popular.

It is very important to define the style of the wedding before starting, it will guide you in many aspects and will mark the way you take many decisions. You will find that it affects how you handle aspects of your preparation such as the palette colour, decoration of the tables, the space, the design of the invitations. It will even affect the kind of flowers that will decorate the entire wedding. So, we are going to show you ten different wedding styles so you can find out which one is the best for you.

Classic wedding

Most Wanted 10 Wedding Styles

Credit: Jaimee Morse Photography

This is the kind of wedding that we all know. The one we have experienced thousands of times in the movies, the one where white tones dominate in all the decoration.  The one where roses play a very important role in flower arrangements. Classic weddings are characterized by their elegance, and it is one of the styles where the protocol is usually followed to the letter.

The most identifying colors of this style are the eternal white combined with dusty pinks above all but also with some pastel tones like blue and peach. The bride and groom’s suits also match the style. A classic princess-cut wedding dress and a long train define a classic bride who could complete her look with a cathedral-style veil. For the groom, the most common in this style is a morning suit with a black or dark frock coat.

Romantic style

Most Wanted 10 Wedding Styles   

Credit: Photography White on Black studio

This wedding is the fairy tale you’ve always dreaming of. In this style love is breathed and appreciated in every detail, characterized by having many flowers such as roses or peonies. It usually features warm and pastel tones that together with white dominate throughout the wedding. The romantic atmosphere is creating in each space and at all times, and in essential night weddings the candles. And warm lights that will help to achieve this cozy atmosphere.

The style of the bride and groom is also characterizing by showing romanticism, a lace dress or very delicate fabrics for a romantic bride, and for him. A navy blue or even beige suit to complete the style of this marriage.

Vintage mood

Most Wanted 10 Wedding Styles
Credit: Eden willow photography

This style allows us to transport ourselves to times like the twenties, thirties or fifties through vintage decoration. The furniture is antique, with dusty colors such as pale pink or yellow and earthy colors with an aged appearance predominate. To achieve this effect, the idea is to use restored furniture and complete the decoration with elements from these bygone eras such as old typewriters, vintage suitcases. Some couples even opt for flowers that show a certain aged air.

The bride and groom’s suits could be inherited from parents, grandparents, relatives. Or opt for current designs that, through cut, shapes or details, make us travel back in time. For this, white and nude should dominate in the dresses of the brides, while the groom can choose between earth colors, bluish, black, gray. He can also go with or without a tie or simply stay with a shirt and vest, for more informal weddings.

Rustic and nature

Most Wanted 10 Wedding Styles
Credit: Stefano-Santucci

For nature lovers and green and natural landscapes. A farm with outdoor spaces where you can hold an outdoor banquet is ideal for this style. Earth tones and natural elements such as jute and wood, or even pieces of logs, predominate. The straw and wildflower seats blend in perfectly with the rest of the greenery and wooden wedding furniture.

In this case, the bride can opt for a simple dress, without many details or a very ornate one with very flowy and comfortable fabrics. Most Wanted 10 Wedding Styles. She could even wear a two-piece with colors such as white, pastel pink, nude, or combined with each other. The groom’s look can be highlighting by accessories such as suspenders or vests and it is likely that he will choose softer fabric trousers in brown or gray.

Shabby Chic

Credit: Whitney Furst Photography

Shabby chic, born in the era of the great country houses of Great Britain, consists mainly of mixing old with modern elements. It literally means worn and sophisticating, which is why classic worn finish pieces are an icon of his style.

One of the clear differences between Shabby Chic and vintage is the romantic and feminine touch in the decorations, where soft colours and floral motifs dominate, whether they are natural, printing on textiles, on tableware.

Flowers are undoubtedly a must in this decorative style where the romantic and the feminine go hand in hand. Its color palette has white as its basic tone, and is complementing by touches of color such as pale pink, aqua green, mint green, turquoise blue or lavender tones. In the decoration, we will find elements such as white wrought iron chairs with a romantic air combining to perfection with wooden pieces and retro metallic details until a classic elegance is achieved.

The bride can be inspired by romantic dresses with lace, especially floral but very flowing shapes, and complete her look with a bouquet of peonies. The groom can choose a classic suit, but in this case, with light colors such as sky blue or nude or beige tones.

Urban and modern

Credit: Rachel Rowland

For couples who are fans of asphalt and love to see the drawing that the skyline of a city makes, this is the one. If you love the combination of lights that are seen at night from the roof of a building in the center, this is your ideal wedding style.

In this case, there will be no farms or farmhouses in the middle of the mountain, but rather the wedding will be held on the terrace of a hotel in the city center. The glass elements will play an important role in the decoration, combined with candles and lights to give a warm and welcoming touch to our stage.

Flowers are also an essential element, but worked in more subtle and minimal decorations. The ideal color range for an urban chic wedding is between grays, whites and blacks combined with warm tones such as pink and gold. In this case, the bride will undoubtedly opt for an avant-garde dress and he for a very cosmopolitan look.

Boho Chic

Credit: The light and the Love

Boho Chic is a variant of the bohemian style, but nuanced by elegant and sophisticated elements (that’s where the Chic comes from). A term that was born in the 21st century on the catwalk in the world of fashion, inspiring by the bohemian and hippie airs of the moment. It has passing to weddings extolling romance and giving great importance to the feeling of freedom for unconventional weddings.

The decorations for this wedding are basing on natural elements, textures and a wide variety of generally intense, cheerful and vibrant colors. They are combining with white or ecru to create atmospheres with a unique energy.

Natural elements and ethnic motifs cannot be absent, which together with wood, leather, vegetable fibres. And a myriad of cushions, rugs and puffs, or a DIY macramé curtain, are the must of this style. A fusion of cultures and times where the hippy, the ethnic and the oriental coexist naturally creating unique and very personal environments that reflect the cheerful personality of the couple.

Because her look should also go according to style, the bride will opt for flowing dresses, fluid fabrics and a more vintage style. She could also choose to go with a crop top and a long skirt that will make her look out of the ordinary. The groom can have his casual suit, he will opt for gray, blue or even more colorful tones depending on his personality. Some even dare to wear a tie stamping with some striking motif.

Industrial style

Credit: Lindsay Hackney

Although its nature is eminently urban, the industrial style has a very defining and characteristic style. That dates back to the 1950s in New York. To achieve a wedding in the purest industrial style, it is time to leave the farms and gardens behind to make way for a completely different scenario.

Brick walls, exposed pipes, ceiling beams and iron or concrete columns are the quintessential materials of this style. Without these, common in factory buildings, it is difficult to understand the industrial style. For an industrial wedding the ideal is an interior space without divisions, such as a factory or a warehouse.

The best time to celebrate this wedding would be in the afternoon since lighting plays a fundamental role. Strips of light bulbs, suspended cables, illuminating signs or candles placing on chandeliers made of pipes or other metallic material. Are essential that will help achieve a cozy and pleasant environment.

Themed Wedding

Thematic wedding inspiration 
Credit: Caca-Santoro

For those couples who share a hobby, a series, or who are simply “geeks” together about something and that characterizes them as a couple. A themed wedding is a personalized wedding. In this wedding, there is a “theme” and a common thread from which everything comes out.

It could be a wedding for a traveling couple, with a decoration full of suitcases and destinations. Or one that takes us back to the 1920s and in the purest Gatsby style with a decoration full of feathers and pearls.

These are some examples of themed weddings, in them, there is no establishing color palette, nor standard decorations. Every detail tells a story and has meaning and meaning. The decoration is very important since it will be the cause of transforming the wedding spaces and making the guests live an entire experience. As we see, themed weddings are very personal, in it the personality of the couple, and this will also be reflected in their looks. In this case, the style of the wedding is set by the bride and groom, and therefore, their clothing as well.

Eco Friendly 

ecological wedding

With eco friendly weddings, couples discovered some ideas to make their wedding respectful and committing to the environment. Now more than ever, the Eco-Friendly concept is present day by day in our lives. From recycling to the extreme reduction of plastic use at your wedding. But what is an Eco-Friendly wedding?

Well, the Eco-Friendly concept comes to be what we always call “Ecological” or “Respectful with the environment.” An Eco-Friendly wedding is precisely about a wedding that respects the environment and is in harmony with it. It is a wedding where the natural prevails, eradicating, almost completely, the artificial, and what can cause some type of direct or indirect damage to the planet.

So these are the 10 most wanted wedding styles for your wedding destination,but from our experience you cannot miss the following one, here we leave one more style as a  bonus.

Luxury Style

Credit: Jana Williams Photography

So you decided to hold a luxury wedding to impress your guests? Wow, this is amazing, one of my favorite wedding style so far.

As for the place, when we talk about a luxury wedding it is not only necessary to choose a dream place with idyllic landscapes, but also to offer a transportation service if it is locating many kilometres from the city. Choose nude colors, gold decoration and details, chandeliers and lots of flowers, a whimsical environment.

To organize a perfect luxury wedding it is essential to have a wedding planner help. She knows how to mix the colors and all important elements, how to fill the spaces and get the luxury vibe you want.

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