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In our innovative men’s boutique located in the heart of Malaga you will find both classic and rejuvenated tailoring, as well as the latest ceremony suits for the bride and groom, groomsmen or companions.

Live a unique experience with professional and personalized advice for each client, whether you are looking for a 100% tailored suit, or discovering the entire current collection with all kinds of accessories.



Félix Ramiro, a firm specializing in men’s design, has been dressing the most important moments in a man’s life for more than two decades. Avant-garde, design and trend come together in a brand that continues to respect the values of tradition and artisan know-how.

Groom suits with precise and refined lines, ceremony collections with impeccable finishes, executive and sport garments loaded with design and trends for day-to-day life, are just some examples of the firm’s mastery and adaptability to the demands of clients.

At present, the Félix Ramiro firm has four of its own establishments, two franchises and a factory-workshop, from where almost 22,000 garments are produced per year.



The designer Félix Ramiro is, without a doubt, the alma mater and essence of the firm. After more than thirty years of solid experience, he is considered one of the main references in men’s fashion nationwide. However, his steps start from a humble and passionate beginning, always linked to the world of design and fashion, since in the eighties, Félix Ramiro began to discover his true vocation as a tailor in the small tailoring workshop of his uncle Dionisio Rodriguez.

Having learned the trade, with design studies completed in Madrid and the 2nd National Prize as Designer under his arm, Félix Ramiro began the adventure of becoming an entrepreneur and trendsetter in men’s fashion. Since 1988, Félix Ramiro designs and manufactures his suits and accessories, becoming a style reference and favoring its expansion. Since 2004, the vision of the future of this businessman saw its first fruits with the expansion of its points of sale, currently adding a significant international expansion.

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