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Accommodation For Your Wedding Guests

Emiliano García December 21, 2022

Accommodation For Your Wedding Guests

When you have a destination wedding, there’s a chance that not all of your guests will be able to attend. If they do, just keep in mind they will be making long trips to accompany you. Accommodation For Your Wedding Guests. The distance often makes some guests think about going or not. Although generally the friendship or familiarity with the couple are factors that are considering.

The distance to your wedding venue, looking for accommodation, making sure it is nearby, paying for it. And the round trip is the typical inconveniences that guests who come from abroad face. Therefore, just for that little big gesture that they do for your wedding, it would be fair to pay some attention to them.

Accommodation For Your Wedding Guests

For example, you could help them find accommodation and even suggest the most suitable sites. If you celebrate the wedding in a hotel, you can get discounts on accommodation for the guests. In the event that the wedding is in the afternoon, invite them to eat the day after the wedding as a thank you.

You can also choose to pay the accommodation for loving ones closest to you, as long as the budget allows. Of course, specialists in wedding etiquette say that the marrting couple should not pay for their guests’ stay. Paying it would be a very personal decision and with very close people, it is in no case an obligation due to the fact that they’re travelling in.

It is understood that you are spending a fortune, with everything that involves the celebration of the wedding. So, there is no need to pay for rooms. In the same way that it is assuming that whoever wants to go to come to your love celebration will do so despite the kilometers.

Accommodation Options

Accommodation For Your Wedding Guests

Venue Finca Cortesin 

Hotels are the most typical option. Many are specializing in celebrating weddings in their salons and offer discounts for guests when it comes to staying. If you have your wedding at one of these it will be very comfortable to go up after the party directly to your room. In addition, they are usually hotels with a touch of exclusivity and in this way your family and friends will enjoy a different stay.

If the wedding celebration is on a farm, the accommodation issue will be a bit complicated. The best option is to hire a bus to take you to a hotel in the city. Another possibility are the old monasteries, castles, beautiful palaces that are now hotels. The charm of these corners is undeniable, they possess a magic that adds to the alternative of the network of inns. That offers the option of renting one of their establishments to celebrate your wedding right there. For the price per guest, you can enjoy the cocktail, dinner or lunch plus two hours of open bar, as well as accommodation and breakfast for friends and family.

Renting a house can be a good option. For example, you can take a chalet type with several rooms. This option is very common in Spain and especially if you have an intimate wedding and you want privacy.

Your Spain Wedding Planner

Accommodation For Your Wedding Guests
Wedding planner in Spain

I will explain quickly how I like to work: Normally I include several options into the RSVP so your guests will have the opportunity to check different options and decide what they can afford. I suggest not putting just one place as maybe not everyone can afford it. It also doesn’t look nice when you decide for them. Your guests will have to ask for holidays at work, book flights and accommodation, spend money on clothes, makeup and hair for ladies and most probably they will bring you a present. Be grateful that they’ll come to your wedding with you in mind so you can enjoy the most special day of your life together.

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