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Weddings in Spain

We help you to plan your dream wedding in the picturesque landscapes of Spain

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Destination Wedding in Spain

Have a look at our selection of venues, we leave you a list of the top locations for your dream wedding in Spain.

We currently have more than 60 options of places for your wedding in Spain. Our selection is just a sample of what we can offer you. Currently have a very special deal and promotion in Marbella, Malaga and its surroundings. Here you can find from the most prestigious hotels and beach clubs to the most emblematic country houses or traditional Spanish farmhouses.

Finca Concepcion



7Finca venues spain www.marbella wedding.com



Venue Anantara Villa Padierna Destination Wedding in Spain Marbella wedding planner2



venue luxury villa 24 marbella wedding.com 2



If you prefer, you can check out for our Venues Collections Section, where we offer the Top 20 Places to Get Married in Spain. Wedding venues, especially the one chosen by our team, given our vast experience over the years with couples from all around the world, aims to offer the best selection of places in order to make your wedding in Spain one of the best experiences you’ve had so far.

Surely in this specific section you will find the place for your wedding on the beach that you dream so much; maybe that luxurious Villa for your wedding in Spain that comes across to your mind every little time.
If you are struggling trying to find a place for your wedding or maybe even try to organize or establish your ideas, don’t hesitate in asking and our team will offer you more venues alternatives to get married in Spain.

Your expert destination Wedding Planner in Spain

At Marbella Weddings, we pride ourselves on being your expert destination wedding planner in Spain. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the local culture and venues, we specialize in creating bespoke weddings that are as unique as each couple.

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Event Planning

Since the very start, we coordinate from the booking, date and venue, to orchestrating the day-of timeline and events. All our services include assistance and guidance throughout the whole process in order to give you not just a random experience, but actually a dream come true destination wedding.

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Suppliers for Weddings in Spain

With more than 8 years planning weddings in Spain, we can recommend you the real deal on suppliers and highly reliable places of the highest prestige (ask for our catalogue for more information). Our little black book is full of knowledge and will be at your disposal.

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Wedding Design

Always inspired by our customers, reviews, opinions and feedback, we feel pride ourselves on designing the best custom and personalized weddings with originality and style, always thinking about your needs and desires. Our thematic weddings are designed and adapted for each person who might have a vague idea or a complete plan.


Choose from a selection of stunning villas offering privacy, exclusivity, and elegance—a perfect match for those looking to celebrate in grand style.


Imagine exchanging vows with the sand between your toes and the sound of waves in the background. Our beach venues provide a magical setting for your seaside ceremony.


Spain’s luxury hotels are renowned for their impeccable service and beautiful accommodations. They offer comprehensive wedding packages that cater to all your needs.

Find the perfect style for you

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For those seeking a more personal affair, we specialize in creating intimate settings that are both elegant and heartfelt.

luxury wedding marbella weddings


Our luxury weddings are all about splendor and magnificence, ensuring every moment of your big day is steeped in extravagance.

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Small weddings can be just as special and memorable, focusing on the close connections between you and your loved ones.

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Get married in Spain with tips from our blog

Visit our blog for more insights and tips on planning your ideal Spanish wedding. From legal requirements to seasonal considerations, we cover all you need to know.

Any questions?

If your intentions are to get married in Spain and plan a destination wedding, you have to see this section, where we answer the 6 most frequently asked questions for to do a wedding in Spain.


The reality is that a wedding planners is always recommended, and if what you want is a destination wedding is a indispensable service that you must hire at the time of making your wedding. In Marbella Wedding Planners we will provide you with a complete service so that your destination wedding is a stress free pleasure.
We have packages that adapt to any need and whatever the moment you are.

No, we don’t do that as we already charge for our time and knowledge in the packages we offer.
In many cases, couples usually try to find the main suppliers and then come to us thinking that they will save the restaurant. Actually, that is a very big mistake since in most cases we take care of your budget and have greater bargaining power for the suppliers in the area.

Yes, of course it is possible, as we have said before, it is advisable to leave the contracting of suppliers in our hands since this would not imply any additional cost for you but it would provide you with greater security of success for your wedding and a download of Stress and work for you.

Getting married in Spain is more than a trend, many people already know the wonderful climate that this beautiful country offers, and that is why it is one of the most requested wedding destinations of all time. Apart from its wonderful weather all year round, Spain is a favorite destination for its excellent value for money and its exclusive locations for your wedding.

Yes of course, we will supervise all contract before you sign any and make sure everything is correct. Leaving aside wedding planning services we have a online portal where we keep all the documents, invoices, payments.

Another great factor to make your wedding in Spain is the perfect value for money and how prepared the country is to receive this type of tourism. Either because of the weather, the delicious food or because of its unbeatable venues getting married in Spain is a wise decision at one hundred percent always.

Depending what you need, we offer Full planning and coordination, just parcial planning or just coordination. Prices are visible on the website, I attached the link.

Venue rental fee from
4000-12 000€, Catering from 120-250€ per person, bridal make up & trial 300€, bridal hair & trial 250€, cake 400€-600€, saxophonist 450-800€, band 2000-12000€, fairy lights 2800-4500€, Dj 800-1500€ etc

First is the booking of the venue, catering and most important suppliers, we recommend 9-12 months in advance or even more if possible.

In our case it is: one wedding planner for full management, one wedding designer, lead coordinator and logistics guy. Depending on how many guests you have we can be 2 or 4 wedding planners on the day. We calculate 1 wedding planner every 50 guests. 

-10% is applicable when the couple requiere just a blessing at the venue, symbolic ceremony.

-12% is applicable for church ceremonies, follow the church process, more logistics between the church and the venue, book appointments to the registry office, register the marriage, send it to your country.

Applicable for big weddings, more than 150 people where we need more coordinators on the day . Pre Party or Post Party.

See attached a picture with the steps we follow, full process will be sent to you after you book us.

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Full Process

Fall in love with the process and the results will come. quote

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