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Elopement wedding in Spain

ماريا December 21, 2022
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Thank You for Still Believing in Love

Elopement wedding in Spain!

Everyone dreams of their wedding day as a child. It is the subject of many of the fairytales we enjoyed as children. We all gush and maybe even shed a tear or two as Cinderella has a ceremony with the Prince before they proceed to live happily ever after.

Your wedding day is the special day you get a chance to say “I do” to your soulmate and start your journey of happily ever after. For many, it is the subject of fantasies through the years. For others, not so much but an occasional thought that comes up now and then.

Whether you’ve spent time dreaming of your wedding day or not, the moment you get engaged, you’re hooked. You start to plan what you hope will be a memorable and beautiful ceremony. A celebration that represents how important this new milestone is for you.

So, what do you do when the pandemic strikes? What goes through your mind when one minute you heard wedding bells and the next, they were replaced by the sound of rushing ambulances. What do you say when to keep your loved ones safe, you have to stop them from being a part of your big day?

Well, for many couples in 2020, the answer was moving on. The solution was cutting down on guest lists while understanding that the most important thing was their love. So, they went from planning big and boisterous ceremonies to organizing small and intimate weddings. Their plans changed from big parties with extended family to small gatherings with only those most important to you.

The wedding industry is a versatile one. You see, celebrations like these had existed before. We already had in existence weddings where it’s just you and the love of your life saying your vows under gently rustling leaves. They were known as elopements or Elopement wedding.

So, when Covid-19 reduced the number of people at social gatherings, couples switched to beautiful elopement weddings. These fantastic celebrations were a testament to the resilience of the human spirit when it comes to love.

So again, we ask, what would you do in this situation? Would you immediately start to search for a picturesque location with breathtaking views for your vows? Would you look for a place where you and your partner can say your “I dos” to the sound of birds chirping? Where you can remember how the sun glistened off the lake nearby as your partner promised to stand by you? Would you search for a special officiant who understood your love story and could represent it? Someone who could tell your love story just how you’d like it to be said?

2020 was the year where couples showed us that “Yes, they Can.” Before this pandemic, many people viewed couples getting married as picky. Many movies abound of Bridezilla’s canceling ceremonies because a vendor did not get a color right. But that didn’t happen in 2020. This time, couples rose to the occasion and showed that love conquered all. They proved beyond a doubt that the human mind determined can achieve anything choosing an Elopement wedding.


So that is what this video is about.

“It is dedicated to all those couples who commit to love despite difficulties.

It is a tribute to those who, even in 2020, decided to affirm their love through thick and thin. For those who chose to give up their family and friends and move on with their life plans.

This video is for couples who preferred to listen to their hearts rather than reason.

This is for those of you in love with love. It’s to say thank you for not giving up hope.

Thank you for giving your loved ones a reason to smile when they saw your gorgeous elopement pictures.

You gave us all something to hold on to in those trying times. You see, those weddings gave us hope that all was not lost.

For many people, they were proof that we could survive this. To you all, and many more future couples like you, we say, Thank You.”

We are truly grateful and would like to express our sincere gratitude to the amazing team who made possible this Elopement wedding:

Film Director & Editor: @cito.garcia

Camera Operators: Martin & Yani @maspositivoproducciones

Celebrant: Debbie Skyrme @celebrantspain

Photography: Barbara Serrano @barbaraserranophoto

Wedding dress, suits: Tania @longarayatelier

Stationery -Daniela- @papelosophie

Florist, Stylist & Decorator: Antonio – @studiode_fleurs

Chillout furniture: Eliana Ramos

Cake -Raquel Serrano – @sugars_nook

Wedding planner: Lili Radu

Make up- Charlotte Lottigius @charlottelothigius_mua

Hairdresser -Flavia – @flaviahairmarbella


Groom: Ilker @jurassicfooder

Luxury car: Felix @fulltime.transfers

Kimono Bride, Ring Box & Welcome sign- Paula & Cris – @lovelycouple.es

Drone: Antonio @dronecreative2020

Venue: Geoff & Miriam @madronalvillas

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