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Wedding planning: the 5 best Mallorca wedding venues.

Emiliano García December 21, 2022

Wedding planning: the 5 best Mallorca wedding venues.

We invite you to discover the most emblematic and exclusive Mallorca wedding venues. And we dare you to pick a favorite, because with the places we’re going to show you, you are going to wish to pick them all.

Out of a story: top 5 Mallorca wedding venues.

Mallorca is synonymous with history. Its walls speak. They say that time passes and that it also stops. It is the perfect context for a promise of love. A decision in an instant that will last for eternity. Can you imagine saying yes in a historic castle? Express your vows in front of the sea? This is our selection of 5 amazing Mallorca wedding venues.

1. Finca Morneta for weddings in Mallorca

An eternal day.

Wedding Venue Finca Morneta

Finca Morneta is a Majorcan country house where time has stopped. Built in the 13th century, it still preserves its imposing historical architecture, which is combined with an exquisite and careful contemporary adaptation. A dream setting to choose as a wedding venue in Mallorca.

Located just 20 minutes from Palma, this Mallorca wedding estate boasts 200 square meters of beautiful gardens spread out in a private rural setting. In addition, it has an outdoor pool and capacity for up to 400 guests. A union that begins at Finca Morneta will be a story without beginning or end.

2. Hotel Castell Son Claret, castle for weddings in Mallorca

Under the stars.

Wedding Venue  Hotel Castell Son Claret

We continue with sites full of history and go back to 1450, the date on which this fascinating castle is recorded for the first time. Only in 2013, after a careful restoration, the owners Klaus-Michael Kühne and his wife Christine decided to open its doors as a luxury hotel. At present, history lovers have the opportunity to travel back in time through its walls, and romantics like you can say “Yes” in an unbeatable elegant place.

This amazing Mallorca wedding venue known as Hotel Castell Son Claret is located just 25 minutes from Palma. It has a beautiful garden, spa, a large pool area and lovely views of the countryside. The luxury detail: when the sun goes down, you will be able to see the stars… but not only in the sky, but also on your plate. Because the restaurant is awarded by Michelin!

To conclude, we tell you that you can witness your wedding up to 150 guests. And the only condition this wedding venue has is that you will need to book at least 2 nights. Although from a place like this, who will want to leave?

3. Cap Rocat, hotel for weddings in Mallorca

A sublime location.

Wedding Venue Cap Rocat

Speaking of emblems of Mallorca, this is perhaps the most impressive. The well-known Cap Rocat hotel was the setting for the series The Night Manager, and it could be the setting for your own love story. If you want to say “Yes” in an infinitely beautiful location, and capture super romantic photos with the sea in the background, this is the perfect place for you.

The environment is made up of more than 4,600 square meters of terraces with two swimming pools, and 3,600 square meters of gardens with palm, olive and pine trees. Tennis player Rafa Nadal got married here, and Spanish kings were among the wedding guests. We must clarify that it is perhaps the most expensive wedding venue in Mallorca.

4. Nikki Beach Mallorca, Mallorca wedding venue

A guest of honor.

Wedding Venue Nikki Beach

At a wedding in Mallorca there is a guest that cannot be missing: the sea. Dressed in turquoise, it becomes the soul of the party and conveys a unique sense of liveliness and romanticism. Nikki Beach is your Mallorca wedding venue if what you want is to say “I do” on the shores of the Mediterranean with the sound of the waves playing a love song.

5. Son Marroig, Mallorca wedding house

A heritage for a marriage

Wedding Venue Son Marroig

To close our selection of the 5 best Mallorca wedding venues, we present you: Son Marroig. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is one of the best-known stately homes in Mallorca. It belonged to Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria.

In the gardens of the museum house on a cliff, rises a white marble neoclassical temple with an indescribable view of the horizon over the sea. It is located 45 minutes from the city of Palma on the Sa Foradada peninsula, and can hold from small ceremonies to weddings with 150 guests. Of course, it will be essential to have a wedding planner to equip the historic gazebo with the altar, seats and everything you need to organize your special day. You can see more information about this Mallorca wedding venue on their website.

Wedding packages in Mallorca.

These are some of the services that a wedding planner offers, and that we provide to our clients in our wedding packages.

Wedding planning

Wedding planning includes the organization of times and their management in the event, controlling that everything happens according to what was planned.

Coordination with wedding providers

Different providers usually intervene in the organization of a wedding, such as the catering service, photographers, musicians, etc. A wedding planner manages the interventions of each actor to ensure that each one is playing their role.

Search for wedding venues

A wedding planner knows the particularities of each Mallorca wedding venue. And this is a great advantage because it can guide you based on your preferences, and make the search and selection process easier.

Reserve church and priest

This is among what can not be missing. The church and priest reservation for your wedding in Mallorca is another of the things that a wedding planner can solve for you.

Budget management

Budget management is one of the most important things in organizing your wedding in Mallorca. With the enthusiasm of the moment, it is very easy to get away from the initial budget, and the wedding planners take care to avoid it. We ensure that you have a happy ending in every way.

Answer your queries

It is normal for many questions to appear along the way. The wedding planners team will be able to answer them and convey confidence at all times.

These were some of the main services that every wedding planner should offer and that you can request by contacting us. You can find more information in the note: What is a wedding planner.

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