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Best places to get married abroad in Marbella Wedding venues in Spain on the beach.

Welcome to Marbella Wedding Venues: Here in this part you will fin everything you must know about wedding venues in Spain, get ready to check our selection of the best places to get married abroad.
 If your dream is a Wedding on the beach in Spain we recommend you to take a look on our Wedding venues in Malaga where you can celebrate the most exclusive Beach wedding in Spain.

You will find that some venues are a Little bit more expensive than others, or even over-priced.
Coming up, we will explain what you have to take in consideration about prices for your wedding venue in Spain.
There are places that will charge only for the menu, those prices are usually cheaper. In other places they charge cannon of exclusivity or rent which is what they call rental fee.
This can be two ways for the minimum price of a wedding ex. Rental fee from 6000€ but in other places the rental fee goes with a minimum of guests ex. 30 guests.
There are other venues that charge only the rent of the place, but of course a lot of them leave out the catering or another additional service besides the rent of the place only.
If you have any doubt once you choose the best places to get married we recommend you to talk with the team of Marbella wedding venues and we will help you answering your questions for free.
We have collaboration agreements with all the wedding venues in Spain that’s why hiring them with us it doesn’t bring any commission or extra payment. That is the reason why the best and smartest decision is to talk with our team of Marbella wedding venues right before hiring the venue directly and we will help you with ‘NO CHARGE’.

In Spain the Wedding venues in Marbella or any other Wedding venues in Malaga must check their schedules available. The beach weddings in Spain usually are the ones with an early closing schedule, most of all because these ones are located in the most populated areas, residential areas or are near places with a lot of people moving around.
Occasionally a many of the Wedding venues in Malaga are ready for this kind of situations about the schedule, offering beforehand in the same place closed areas that allows the moment when is time for party until is late night.
To sum up, we could say that if your idea is a long night for your ceremony the Best places to get married are those placed in areas less populated, or straight ahead private places ready to offer alternatives in the inside areas.

If you look closely in our web you will notice that a lot of the wedding venues in Marbella have a top number for guests and a top number for accommodation.
Well it is pretty simple the number of guests is the top number in you ceremony/party. And the number for accommodation is the amount of people who can stay in the same place.
Take in consideration that many of the wedding venues in Spain are hotels, villages, farms or palaces which offer rooms for your guests to stay so they can rest, but a lot of the ones who wants a venue for a beach wedding in Spain lack of accommodation, ex. Beach clubs and restaurants.
Anyway, there is always options for you and your guests in the surrounding areas, that is why of you choose any of these places you will be interested in our accommodation services in the surroundings of wedding venues in Malaga and the transportation service to the selected places for your guests.

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