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Top 5: Exclusive Ibiza wedding venues.

Ilinca Radu December 21, 2022

Top 5: Exclusive Ibiza wedding venues.

Dream landscapes. Paradise corners. An intense blue sea in a naturally captivating environment. Ibiza is definitely a place to fall in love. If you are looking forward to celebrating your wedding in Ibiza, we want to share with you our top 5 exclusive wedding venues in Ibiza.

Dream locations: 5 Ibiza wedding venues.

There is a wide range of places to celebrate your wedding in Ibiza. From authentic places of island spirit, to dreamy places where the mind doesn’t give credit to the landscapes that are drawn in front of the eyes. This venues are located in environments characterized by turquoise reflections of the Mediterranean Sea, between coves and cliffs. Incredible as it may seem, they will be able to overcome the most incredible dreams that you will have had thinking about your wedding day.

1. Païssa d’en Bernat – Wedding celebrations

Paissa den Bernat villa 02

High up in the valley of San José, there is Païssa d’en Bernatis, an Ibiza wedding venue where the line between reality and dreams is blurred. Its elegant architecture of high ceilings and natural materials creates a unique retreat. Within a natural setting of expansive grounds, wooded grounds and unparalleled sea views.

The surprise of the party is the incomparable view of the sunset from the endless pool. And the possibility of celebrating under a canvas of stars on a magical night. Without any doubt, Païssa d’en Bernat is a wedding venue in Ibiza where reality surpasses fiction. With capacity for up to 70 guests, you can choose to celebrate your wedding one day, or extend it up to four days.

You can take a look at the Ibiza wedding packages they have designed to make the moment of your dreams simply perfect.

2. Aiyanna Ibiza – Ibiza weddings in front of the sea


If what you want when celebrating your wedding in Ibiza is to say “yes” in front of the sun and the sea as witnesses, listening to the waves as a soundtrack, Aiyanna Ibiza will be one of the most appropriate options. With a casual, floral, relaxed and cheerful style, it invites you to relax and live your dream day in a place very similar to paradise.

This magnificent Ibiza wedding venue is located on Cala Nova, in the northeast of the island. The crystal clear waters and the lush pine forests in the surroundings make it considered one of the best beaches in Ibiza. Worthy of being visited from anywhere on the planet.

Aiyanna Ibiza has designed this beautiful place to celebrate your wedding in Ibiza in a natural environment, creating an atmosphere with chic and very romantic decor. Aiyanna’s wedding team has more than ten years of experience organizing events. They offer Ibiza wedding packages with different service and food alternatives to provide you with a highly personalized experience.

3. Can Frare -Country house for rural weddings in Ibiza

Can Frare al freco dining

An exquisite blend of tradition and luxury is what Can Frare offers with this beautiful Ibicencan finca. It is an authentic and original place, with a refined taste that manages to combine warmth and elegance. The perfect place for those looking to celebrate their wedding in Ibiza while the sun dyes the landscape orange.

This property is located in the Bay of San Antonio and has belonged to the same Ibiza family for almost 300 years. It has modern style decorative details and luxury amenities for you to enjoy at all times.

With great attention to detail and absolute privacy, the Can Frare team offers fully customized weddings to make your special day a dream from which you do not want to wake up. This rural estate will surprise your guests and provide the perfect setting to express your vows of love in an unparalleled romantic atmosphere.

You can check prices and Ibiza wedding packages by visiting their official website.

4. Hacienda Na Xamena Ibiza – Rural weddings in Ibiza

hacienda na xamena instagram 2

Like something out of a fairy tale, Hacienda Na Xamena Ibiza opens up a space in the middle of spectacular cliffs over the sea. Its beauty surpasses the limits of the imagination and every dream remains small.

An incredible Ibiza wedding venue located in the north of the island in a five star hotel. With a natural amphitheater under the open sky, it offers guests a spectacular appreciation of the surroundings and the ceremony. Nature in all its splendor accompanies this eternal moment and its beauty echoes the love being celebrated.

If you want to know more about this Ibiza wedding venue, you can visit their website and check out the wedding packages available for catering.

5. Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay – Luxury wedding celebrations


The last Ibiza wedding venue we want to recommend has more than one option, and that’s why we’ve saved it for last. The five-star resort Nobu Ibiza Bay offers different settings for your love story. A beach bar by the sea. A terrace by the pool as the sun goes down. Or the rooftop to be as close to the stars as possible.

Located in the bay of Talamanca, near the old town of Ibiza, this luxurious modern resort combines the lively spirit characteristic of Ibiza with the enchanting scenery offered by its privileged location on the Mediterranean. It has the perfect seasonings for a modern luxury wedding.

You can find more information on wedding packages and prices on their website. And check availability to book it as your wedding venue in Ibiza.

What you need to know to celebrate your wedding in Ibiza.

Choosing the perfect setting is one of the fundamental parts of making your Ibiza wedding planning what you have always dreamed of. But as you know, there are many things you should also take into account if you want to make sure that everything goes perfectly, avoiding inconveniences and bad surprises.

So, besides looking at wedding venues in Ibiza, the best advice we can give you is to choose a wedding planner in Ibiza with experience, who understands your needs and desires, and helps you to make your dreamed day come true.

An event as important as a wedding generates a lot of expectations and also a lot of nerves. In the days leading up to and during the event a lot of emotions emerge. The best thing you can do is to prepare yourself to have everything under control, entrusting the organization of your wedding to a wedding planner. You can find more information on the post What is a wedding planner.

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