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Tips for choosing your ideal Wedding HairStyles.

Emiliano García December 21, 2022

Tips for choosing your ideal Wedding HairStyles for your marriage day.

Tips for choosing yout ideal wedding HairStyles. Every detail counts.

To plan your great moment, you will have to decide on an endless number of elements that will mark your wedding.

Schedules, dresses, banquet, location …

One of the most important, next to the wedding dress is the hairstyle that you will wear throughout the day. Tips for choosing your ideal Wedding HairStyles for your marriage day.

What not many consider is that wedding hair is more than something that has to look good.

It also has to go according to your personality, your dress and the environment that you have built for the day to consolidate your relationship.

So that this decision does not become a headache, I propose a few ideas for you to have in mind when choosing and the process is more bearable.

  1. When is the wedding
  2. First choose the dress
  3. Consider the combination
  4. Think about your surroundings
  5. Know the types of hairstyle
  6. Ask for advice
  7. Do tests
  8. Don’t let them decide for you
  9. Go comfortable and sure of yourself

Tips for choosing your ideal Wedding HairStyles for your marriage day.


When is the wedding

Every moment of the day can favor different wedding hairstyles.

In the case where your wedding is celebrated during the day, you can opt for more natural styles such as semi-picked or loose hairstyle, so that you get a fresher and more casual style. Tips for choosing your ideal Wedding HairStyles for your marriage day.

Keep in mind that if your wedding is celebrated in summer, a loose hairstyle can end up causing you discomfort and make you feel uncomfortable. In this case, the semi-collected style that makes you survive the heat a little better would be more convenient.

If the ceremony is held outdoors, you can combine your wedding hair with some flowers.

Tips for choosing your ideal Wedding HairStyles for your marriage day.

If you are going to be in an environment with lots of sunlight, pamelas and headdresses are an option to consider.

On the other hand, during the night a more elegant and refined style with braided hairstyles, with ponytails or hairstyles, which can combine very well with long dresses is more convenient.

Avoid headdresses or pamelas since without daylight, these accessories may lack results. Although if you could add any accessory that is bright as a headband.

If you are looking for wedding hairstyles for short hair, you can look just as good playing with accessories such as headbands or other accessories that can combine with your dress.

If you have a slightly longer bangs, the chances may be greater.

In this case you could make a semi collected from the bangs to the side with an accessory like a flower.

Another option, if you are looking for something more complex, would be to make a braid collected to the side.

First choose the dress

Before you decide on a type of hairstyle you have to think about how your dress will be, paying special attention to the neckline.

If your dress is going to have a marked front neckline, a semi-picked style will be the best combination.For back or illusion necklines, a hairstyle is the best option.If you want to be open to all kinds of possibilities, the sweetheart neckline dresses combine with any type of hairstyle.

Consider the combination

With the wide variety of wedding dresses that have added to the different types of makeup you can wear, the hairstyle can vary greatly.

Try to balance your appearance trying to combine every detail and decide which ones will stand out more and which ones less.

For example, if you are going to wear a very colorful dress, try to wear a simpler hairstyle like a haircut or a bun.

In the opposite case that your dress is more discreet, try to unleash your imagination with semi-collected or loose wedding hairstyles that enjoy vibrant waves or spectacular braids.

Don’t try to overload everything at once.

Remember that balance is the key.

Think about your surroundings

Although it seems incredible, you will also have to be aware of the weather and weather to choose the wedding hair you want.

Think that depending on the time of the year and the type of weather, your hair can be affected in one way or another.

You must also take into account the type of decoration that the ceremony will have so that your style and the surrounding environment are consistent.

Other aspects that you should not forget are the time to be held, the type of ceremony (religious, civil, thematic, etc.) or if it is outdoors or in an enclosed space.

Know the types of hairstyle

Knowledge does not take place.

Knowing all the types of hairstyles that we can do, will facilitate the moment of choice.

The loose mane is a style that every time the brides use more, although long ago it was not so common for special occasions.

The most common and classic for brides are the picks and bows that are perfect if you are looking to convey elegance and tradition.

The most original today are to be semi collected, pigtails or braids. If you are looking to set a trend with something different, these are good options.

Ask for advice

In the same way that you let yourself be advised by the hairdresser to make a haircut, you should also look for recommendations of these to comb your hair.

Especially if we are talking about one of the most important days of your life.

Styling professionals can help you a lot in the style based on the fractions of your face, since this can vary if you have a more rounded face or, on the contrary, it tends to have a more elongated shape.

You have to look for the proportion at all times.

Taking advantage of your professional advice, you can help your bridesmaids or anyone else who goes to your wedding to get the appropriate wedding guest hairstyle.

Do not miss any details.

Tips for choosing your ideal Wedding HairStyles for your marriage day.

Do tests

Try different styles before the wedding and analyze how they combine with you.

Consider your features, hair color, your curves, your height. Everything has to be in line, with no place for improvisation.

If you run out of ideas, on the Internet you can always find all kinds of solutions and expert opinions to help you solve your doubts.

Don’t let them decide for you

Seeing you surrounded by so many professionals and family or friends to help us during the wedding planning, one may be forced to blindly follow what others recommend, as they do it for our good.

However, do not forget that it is your wedding day and the one that has to feel beautiful, comfortable and self-confident is you.

You have the last word.

Go comfortable and sure of yourself

The wedding day is coming.

If you have already chosen which hairstyle you are going to wear and after the tests you feel uncomfortable with your hair, do not hesitate. Change style

It is one of the most important days of your life and you have not worked so long to prepare all the details so that you end up feeling uncomfortable and insecure about yourself at your own wedding.

It is a day to enjoy with yours but also with yourself.

So don’t be afraid to try and change your mind. But do it thinking about you.

Because you deserve it.

Tips for choosing your ideal Wedding HairStyles for your marriage day.

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